2014-15 Students

Alice Nicholl Photo

مرحبا/Hola! I’m Alice and I’m in my 3rd year at Durham studying Spanish and Arabic. I’ll be spending the first five months of my year abroad learning Arabic at the Qasid Institute and the Ali Baba International Center in Amman, Jordan. After this I will be working as an office assistant for six months in the Delengua language school in Granada.




Jane Markey


Hey! I’m Jane and I’ve just finished my second year studying Law at Durham. I’ll be spending my third year at the Université de Rouen just north-west of Paris doing pretty much the same thing (but the catch is that it’s all in French). Check out my blog for info on having lectures in a language that is altogether foreign to you, law exchanges and some guaranteed mishaps documented for your entertainment.



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Hello! My name is Nick and I am a mature Physics student. I am about to replace the third year of my four year masters degree at Durham university with a year of study at McMaster in Ontario, Canada. I have never even been to Canada but I have heard good things from everyone I have spoken to so I can’t wait to spend a full year there. Wish me luck!



Lauren Finch photo blog resized

Hello! I’m Lauren and I have just completed my second year of Chinese Studies at Durham University. I’m honoured to accept a place at Peking University for my 2014-15 year abroad as an exchange student.






Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I’ve just finished my second year studying Anthropology at Durham University. This year I will be at the University of Calgary in Canada and I’m really excited to keep you updated about my time here!





Hi, I’m Matt and I’ve just finished my 2nd year at Durham studying Engineering. At the end of August I will be swapping Durham for the University of British Colombia in Vancouver, Canada for a year! Ill be specialising in Mechanical Engineering.




Beth blog pic


Hi! I’m Beth and after having just finished my second year studying Philosophy at Durham I’m very excited to be heading off for an additional year at Queen’s University, Canada. Snow boots at the ready!






Hi! I’m Francesca and having spent the last two years studying Spanish and Italian as a Hatfielder at Durham, I am embarking on my much anticipated year abroad! I shall be spending the first half of this academic year working in my old primary school in Marbella, Spain and then popping over to Italy in February to keep the teaching ball rolling, working in a small town called Mirandola in one of their schools.



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Hi I’m Megan, a Modern Languages student studying French and Spanish. I’m beginning my year abroad in the South of France on a work placement; I will then head to Extremadura (Western Spain) to be a language assistant with the British Council. I hope to end the year with an internship in Paris.



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Hey there! My name is Jennifer and I study French and German at Durham University. I’m on my third year abroad from Durham this year so follow my blog to hear more about what I’ll be up to. This summer I’m working in a French Chateau teaching English, then I’ll be in Cologne for my British Council placement from September and afterwards I’m back in France in March to work for an engineering company near Pau.

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