2016-17 Students

Hello! I’m Charlie, a third-year Trevelyanite on my way out to the Pearl of the Orient for a year abroad studying Philosophy at Hong Kong University. I’ll be out there exploring Asia and living in one of the fastest, most beautiful cityscapes in the world until June 2017. Check in with me for explorations of our deepest Western thinking from an Eastern standpoint and all of the cultural quirks from a society on the opposite side of the world that still shares many links with the UK!



Hello! I’m Katherine and I have just finished my second year reading Law at St John’s College. This year I will be jetting off to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver, where I will be studying at the University of British Columbia. Come on my adventure with me, and read about (and watch my YouTube videos on) how I will fare through sorority recruitment, the rain, the uptake of new and exciting sports (ice skating!) and the wonderful Canadian culture. Enjoy!



Bonjour! I am Marie, a 21-year-old Philosophy, Politics and Economics student here at Durham University. After having moved countries already for my studies I will now leave the UK again to spend my third year in beautiful Paris at the Sciences Po. Follow me as I am exchanging toast for baguette, tea for café au lait and rainy Durham days for sunny afternoons in the city of light. I am super excited about the year that lies ahead of me and cannot wait to tell you about my life in France.



Howdy! I’m Sonia, a Music student who still can’t quite believe she’s off to Calgary for the next year! Aside from studying a range of Music modules, I will also be venturing into a few rogue subjects such as Psychology, Photography and an ambiguous module called ‘The Good Life’- no idea what to expect but it sounded so Canadian I had to sign up. Check out my blog to see if I can survive Canadian university, the chilly weather (apparently more unpredictable than England- I didn’t think that was possible), and watch in awe as I attempt to eat every flavour of Tim Horton’s doughnuts! Should be an interesting year, eh?




Ahoj! I’m Amelia, a keen wheelchair fencer and member of Collingwood College at Durham. After completing my second year of Anthropology, I’ll be taking the year to study at the University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Follow me as I wheel through iconic Bohemia, learn Czech and hopefully embark on some swordplaying adventures on the way.



Hola amigos! I’m Sarah, a third year Combined Honours Economics and Spanish student setting off on my year abroad. First semester takes me to Salamanca, in northwestern Spain, where I’ll be trying my hand at studying economics in a different language and hunting down the very best tapas! From March onwards I’ll be studying at Pontificia Universidad de Chile in Santiago and exploring the deepest darkest corners of Latin America. Follow my blog to see how my travels unfold…