2015-16 Students

こんにちはー!(Konnichiwa!) I’m Sarah (or ‘サラ’ for the year), a Marian here at Durham, and having completed my second year in joint honours Philosophy and Theology I’ll be studying at Tokyo University until August 2016! I’m one of a bunch of five who are the first to be sent to Japan via Durham. Follow me as I study some of the world’s most profound questions from an Asian perspective and run around gleefully in one of the most bizarre and wonderful cities on this Earth.




Ciao, I’m Ben and I’m a third year linguist at Durham studying Spanish and Arabic. I’ll be spending most of the year teaching English in a secondary school in Extremadura in the Spanish steppe heartlands with two months apiece on either side at the Ali Baba Institute in Amman, Jordan, with no shortage of adventures in between!




G’day! I’m Neal, a John’s student studying Engineering at Durham University. This year, I’m swapping living in the little northern city for something a bit more southern – I’ll be studying (or sunbathing) in Perth, at the University of Western Australia, as an exchange student. Hope you enjoy my blog!



H Jones Bio Resized

Hey, I’m Harriet! Having finished my second year reading Classics, I’ll now spend a year as an Erasmus+ student at Università La Sapienza in Rome, studying Philosophy and Classics. Come on the adventure with me as I get to grips with having lectures in another language, try to find the best gelateria in Italy, and hopefully have an amazing year!





Hello! I’m Emma, and I’ve just completed my second year at Durham studying Anthropology. Fulfilling a long-time dream of living in Canada, I am thrilled to be hopping over the North Atlantic for a year to experience life at the University of Calgary. I will keep you updated as to how a quintessentially English (though inexplicably tanned) girl fares during -20 degree winter days, sampling ‘poutine’, and handling the reputably alarmingly friendly Calgarian locals.



Hey! My name is Aaron and I have just finished my second year studying Economics. I’ve chosen to spend my third year out studying at Aarhus University in Denmark. Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and will be the European capital of culture in 2017. I’ll be studying a selection of modules in the Business School and hopefully discovering a new, exciting, and statistically happy culture!




Hi guys! I’m Amara and I’ll be entering my third year of a Maths degree this September. I will be venturing next door to Ireland and spending a year studying yet more maths, this time in the city of Dublin! Stay posted to find out what I’ll be getting up to during my time at Trinity College.





Hi there! I’m Katie and I’ll be spending my year at McMaster University in the wonderful town of Hamilton, Ontario in Canada! Hamilton is known for its picturesque waterfalls and is only around a 45 minute drive from Toronto, and an 8 hour train from NYC. I’m studying my third year of General Engineering there (and it counts!) so check out my blog for updates on my experiences studying in arctic temperatures, learning the differences between Canadian and American accents and travelling as much as I can!



Hallo! I’m Sam and I’ve just finished my second year studying History at Durham University.  This academic year I’m fortunate to be studying at Heidelberg University.  I can’t wait to discover, learn and write about the experience of living in a German university – including whatever mischief I fall into! Bis dann!



Hola mes amis! I’m Alice, a soon-to-be third year Modern Languages student from Durham University. I’ll be spending the first half of my year abroad in Navarre (North Spain) teaching English with The British Council before working with The Bless Network in France; all in the hopes of embarking on some linguistic adventures.




Hi, I’m Oliver and I’ll be spending this year at Sciences Po Aix in Aix-en-Provence. I’m from Hungary, studying social sciences, and I do not speak any French which makes it all a bit problematic. But as the old French phrase Carpe Diem implies, I’m not worried about the details and I’m very excited about my year in France!

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