2017-18 Students

Salut! I’m Elle, a Physics student and proud Butlerite. I’m going into my third year where I’ll be studying at Université Pierre et Marie Curie in the heart of Paris. I’ll be making it my mission to become a true Parisienne by immersing myself in all aspects of the illustrious French culture (but mainly the food and drink). Follow my quest as I navigate my way through a year of studying not only Physics but a variety of sciences, all in French!



Hej! I’m Lucy, a third-year History student at St. Cuth’s. For the next year, I’ll be calling Sweden home, as I uproot to study at Uppsala University. Join me as I attempt to learn the language, cope with the cold and overindulge in fika, whilst exploring this beautiful corner of Europe.



Guten Tag! I’m Alex, a 20-year-old Business & Management student here at Durham University. After visiting – and residing in – countless counties throughout my life, I’ve decided to kickstart my third decade of being alive with a year in Cologne, Germany! Follow me as I explore a new language, an abundant culture and experience first-hand everyday life in one of Germany’s biggest cities. You can count on me to express the highs and lows, and cover every possible detail I can get my hands on – or lay my eyes on: it’ll be an adventure, to say the least!



Kia Ora! I’m Copper, a 3rd year BSc Geographer spending a year at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. I’ll be taking the opportunity to study a range of papers from Coastal Geomorphology to Māori Culture as well as exploring this beautiful country on the opposite side of the world. Stay tuned for tales of surviving winter without central heating, being allowed to eat in the uni library, Christmas in summertime and some top geography antics…


Hi! I’m Coreen, and I’ll be spending the next year on the other side of the world, studying down under at the University of Melbourne. I’ve just finished my second year reading English at St. Johns College, Durham, and in Australia I’ll be branching out to minor in Creative Writing, as well as learning about local Aboriginal culture and literature. In my spare time, I’ll be checking out the thriving sport, food, and arts scene in this metropolitan giant, as well as escaping the city bustle to explore Australia’s natural beauty. Follow my adventures as I try to adapt to life in the Antipodes!


Anyoung haseyo! I’m Rohan, a third-year Cuthsman on my way out to Seoul, South Korea for a year abroad studying International Relations at Yonsei University. Follow me through my blog as I exchange summer balls for karaoke bars, ale for soju and drizzly days in the viaduct for snowy nights in one of Asia’s leading powerhouses. Find out how I fare in learning the language, eating the quirkiest of foods and perhaps exploring other parts of Pacific Asia. Follow my blog to see how my Korean experience unfolds…



Hello, I’m Edward and I will be leaving St John’s College for a year to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Hong Kong University. For quite complicated reasons, my grandma thinks I’ll be heading there to work as a spy for MI5 but I’ve promised her that’s not the case. Check out this blog to read about my shenanigans travelling around South East Asia, studying Asian philosophy and snooping around the Chinese Defence Ministry (just kidding Grandma!)



Ciao! I’m Ed, a Classics student from Mary’s who is about to take on a year studying at the University of Bologna. Check out my blog to see how I handle fumbling my way through lessons in a language I don’t (yet) speak, to learn some top student cooking tips from the food capital of Europe or to find some great pictures and stories from my travels though the past and present cultures of the most beautiful country on the Mediterranian.




Hello! I’m Chloe and have just finished my second year of Law at St John’s College. I will be headed to the University of Leuven, where I will be swapping the city of Durham for the scenic streets of Belgium. Check in on me as I attempt to navigate everyday life in Dutch, join new societies and sports teams, and return for my fourth year having tasted the best of Belgian waffles, fries and chocolate!




Hey! I’m Maddey and I’ve just finished second year at Durham studying Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity. From September I’m jetting off to the University of Calgary, Canada, to study a range of subjects including Kinesiology (Sport Science), Sociology, History and anything else I can! I’m hoping to do as many Canadian things as possible and learn about Canadian society and culture, so read my blog to follow me in Canada as I tackle a new country and attempt to cope with the cold!