Canada: The Beginning

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Hello, for the first time, and welcome to my section of the study abroad blog!

Although my first term at the University of British Columbia does not start until the 6th of September with Imagine Day (a kind of freshers-week-in-a-day affair), my mum and brother have decided to holiday with me all around the West Coast of Canada for the two weeks before term starts. As I am writing this I am sitting in the car going through the beautiful Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on the way back to Vancouver from Tofino, so I thought it would be a great time to tell you all about the wonderful adventures that I have had so far in my magical first week in Canada.

If you would like to hear and see more about my adventures throughout the year, I post daily on my Instagram, BeautyByKat08, and post twice a week on my YouTube channel Happy viewing/watching!

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My Last Month

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Hello all,

I hope you enjoyed my little video tour of Sapienza. My friends and I spent a while filming all the little clips, including parts on the beach in Sicily!

This will be my last post on my year abroad blog. Everyone warned me, but my year abroad went by so quickly. It really feels like only yesterday I posted the farewell picture on Facebook and boarded the plane to Italy. With my final exams over (and successfully passed), I had some time to see all the final bits I wanted see in Rome. Friends came to visit me to celebrate their graduations/my end of exams and together we saw some of Rome’s ‘best bits’. Continue reading

May – an awesome month!

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I always had it in my mind that May was going to be an awesome month.

The second semester would be properly in swing and I would have an exciting trip to Barcelona planned with my girlfriend at the start of the month (this blog appears to have been taken over by trips Amytis and I have done/are doing together…).  Oh, and at the end of the month I was to go off to Berlin for a few days. Continue reading

What I Wish I’d Known Before Coming Abroad

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Hello again 🙂

I had many, many thoughts about what my year abroad was going to be like. It felt like I had imagined every possible outcome of every possible scenario. However, what has actually happened has been something completely different. Continue reading

A Lifestyle Metamorphosis

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“It all began with the planting of a set of magical beans that the Year Abroad office unknowingly handed me in January 2015.”

Undergoing a lifestyle metamorphosis is an inevitable part of taking a year abroad. Aspects of your existence that you don’t expect to change are swept out from underneath your feet and for a second you’re in limbo, floating unassisted through an exciting though admittedly chaotic flux of cultivating new friendships, questioning old beliefs and mapping out your new physical and social surroundings.

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February Crackdown

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I must start this blog with an apology, for it is sorely overdue.  I’ve been rather busy for a long time at Heidelberg, which is not a good enough excuse!  I’ve been working and playing hard, with so much going on that I kept telling myself and leaving little notes around my room saying: ‘when I have a little time, pen a quick blog article!’

But things kept coming up and I got super under pressure with work – and I even contrived to mess up my WordPress log-in during this period, such that I got locked out of my own account.  I lost the faith, the desire to blog for a brief period, and for this I apologise.  I’m back on track now after completing the toughest piece of work I’ve ever done at university and after a break to recover during which I travelled, I’m stronger for it!  I will be more disciplined in the future.

So, what happens during February in Heidelberg? Continue reading

Blog #6: Dansk Deer, Dansk Flu, og Dansk Architecture

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I’m back again feeling slightly busier, and slightly more Danish. I don’t have a black turtleneck yet though, I can confirm. I have unfortunately been out of action with Danish Flu, the two main symptoms of which were being stranded in bed binge watching The X-Files and flu. So I did spend a week playing the world’s largest violin to myself, but it has felt like a rebirth of a kind. New me and all that. Anyway, this is what I have been up to. Continue reading

Just Food

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I was drafting a post about the week after exams. My friend, Fiona, came and stayed with me for 46 hours (we only had to buy one transport ticket, bonus) and we visited the entirety of Rome in that time. I also ate more pizza than I ever thought possible, but it’s Italy so why waste the opportunity!? However, I was flicking through my camera roll the other day and I came across quite a few photos I’ve taken of food. So, for a bit of variety and sparkle, this post will be dedicated to some memorable meals I’ve eaten. Continue reading