Blog #11: Summary

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It might not be very summery but it is a time for a summary! I’ve had the most amazing year in Aarhus, studying, occasionally partying, and learning about culture. I have experienced first hand an entirely fresh Scandinavian way of life, as well as pockets of life from from friendships made with people from France, Canada, the United States, Belgium, Australia…, and on. Continue reading

Blog #5: AM BACK

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I am back. I arrived first time round in August to 25-degrees of Danish heat, and I stepped off the plane in January to about -100 degrees. Like, I’m not a thermometer but it was definitely in the negative. There was snow. Anyway, I had a nice Christmas break (thanks for asking) and I’m all set for the Spring Semester.

I say ‘all set’, but more appropriate would be ‘clueless’ (although if you are the Durham exchange coordinator and you are reading this, I still definitely mean ‘all set’). I’ve managed to sign up to four courses, and at least three of them are taught in English. The other I’m pretty sure was in Danish. It was ‘Microeconomic Analysis’ so it was like being taught a third language in a second language I don’t understand. Hopefully I’ll get that changed. Continue reading

Denmark #2: Blog Sprog

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This month I visited Göteburg in Sweden, attempted to begin learning Danish and became the proud owner of a bike. It’s been an exciting month. The weather has started to worsen for winter, but I’m not sure it’s fully committed yet. It was cold and rainy this week and warm the week before and warm and sunny today. It does mean as a British person I have an endless supply of small talk about how the weather is ‘surprisingly cold’ or ‘quite nice’ or ‘better than yesterday, isn’t it?’ so I can’t complain. Continue reading