Surviving Japanese Summer

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Everyone in Japan hates Summer.
“But why, Summer is great! The sun, the heat…”
No, that’s Japanese SPRING. Here, Spring is the season of temperatures in their early twenties, beautiful flowers and sunshine. Summer is a different matter.

During the Summer, the weather becomes what we call ‘mushi atsui’ – literally ‘insect hot’. In other words, it becomes so hot and humid that all of the bugs come out to play. When the sun shines, it’s scorchingly hot, and when it doesn’t it’s raining and the dense clouds trap you in an uncomfortable earth prison of cockroaches and sweat. But there are some methods of surviving these awful conditions, as Japanese people do every year. So I’m going to share these with you! Continue reading

What I Wish I’d Known Before Coming Abroad

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Hello again 🙂

I had many, many thoughts about what my year abroad was going to be like. It felt like I had imagined every possible outcome of every possible scenario. However, what has actually happened has been something completely different. Continue reading

Tactical Retreat

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I love travel.

In fact, I don’t just love it. I’m obsessed with it. I’ve tried telling myself time and time again that if I had to live in a quiet, country village surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and gushing rivers, I’d happily stay put.

But I’d only be kidding myself. I’ve got a bad case of wanderlust and I don’t think even a year in Paradise would cure me. Perhaps not even a month. Continue reading

Taking a Year Abroad

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It’s application time back in Durham (and quite a few other universities) to apply for a year abroad. I’m writing this post for those who are on the fence, and even for those who don’t think they would take a year abroad, to try and convince you to embark on possibly the best year of your life.

You could be sitting on this chair

You could be sitting on this chair

Continue reading

If waiting to go to Spain, go to Spain

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¡Hola amigos y amigas!

welcome to my blogosphere. I hope you enjoy my ramblings about foreign life. (N.B. this is not a UFO blog)

This first post is a bit of a confusing one – although I am in Spain I haven’t actually started my year abroad yet… While I was waiting for something interesting to happen in Norfolk, a job in Ibiza involving au pair/housekeeping work for an English family suddenly opened up again. Turns out the person who got there before me had to urgently fly back to England, so they asked if I could come ASAP! So After a speedy post-festival turnaround, here I am… Continue reading