Canada: The Beginning

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Hello, for the first time, and welcome to my section of the study abroad blog!

Although my first term at the University of British Columbia does not start until the 6th of September with Imagine Day (a kind of freshers-week-in-a-day affair), my mum and brother have decided to holiday with me all around the West Coast of Canada for the two weeks before term starts. As I am writing this I am sitting in the car going through the beautiful Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on the way back to Vancouver from Tofino, so I thought it would be a great time to tell you all about the wonderful adventures that I have had so far in my magical first week in Canada.

If you would like to hear and see more about my adventures throughout the year, I post daily on my Instagram, BeautyByKat08, and post twice a week on my YouTube channel Happy viewing/watching!

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Almost a Fairytale

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“The idea of a girl cloaked in red weaving her way through the woods, being watched carefully by a big bad wolf, seemed far from fantasy.”

Reading Week in February positively leaped out at us from the dark corner it had been lurking behind, providing a terrifying reminder of the inevitability of time itself, and thrust upon us a welcome opportunity for adventure. After drawing up a lengthy plan (perusing and pointing at spots on Google Maps) and a challenging game of tetris involving the car boot and our suitcases, we took to the road.

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Festive Farewells and Rainy Reflections

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“I walk across campus, my freshly washed hair turning to literal icicles, fingertips close to frostbite, hands lizard-like from the dry air.”

These days in Canada have a habit of running away from me, and it is only as I sit down and recollect happenings from since I last wrote that I discover that an entire month has crept past. I boldly claimed in my previous post that the semester had been an emotional roller coaster yet this month may have topped it.

It has been abundant with trips to the mountains for snowboarding and sightseeing, final exams, departures of dear friends, a Christmas excursion to Vancouver, and a week of reflection and board games in rainy old Albion. Continue reading

Vancouver’s top 7….

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Vancouver’s Top 7….

Over the last two semesters at UBC I have been lucky enough to explore Vancouver – and what a place it is to explore! But instead of pursuing the usual cliches of the ‘breath taking views’ and ‘friendly Canadian atmosphere’ I thought I’d attempt to put together a quick bucket list of things to see and do in and around the city for anyone who’s heading over here, and hopefully include some things we’ve stumbled upon which are slightly off the beaten track and not in the Lonely Planet guide!   Continue reading