Blog #12: Don’t Just Take My Word For It!

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Having been back in England now for about a month I’m slowly getting back into the swing of English life. It seems surreal that I spent an entire year not being able to read anything in English! Maybe it means I don’t take it for granted anymore!

Anyway, I thought I should round off with some bits and pieces about where you can get more information! Continue reading

What it feels like to be spending a final two weeks in Tokyo

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This year has been the most intensely amazing year of my life without contest. I came to Tokyo hoping and expecting to fulfil all of my childhood and academic dreams. I wanted to shop in Harajuku, become a regular on some of the most famous streets in the world for pop culture, take Japanese trains, eat rice every day, and see my favourite Japanese artists in the flesh. I wanted to visit centuries old temples and shrines, understand Japanese religion, learn about Buddhism and the philosophies of ancient Asia. That was where I was at. But where am I at now?

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Blog #11: Summary

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It might not be very summery but it is a time for a summary! I’ve had the most amazing year in Aarhus, studying, occasionally partying, and learning about culture. I have experienced first hand an entirely fresh Scandinavian way of life, as well as pockets of life from from friendships made with people from France, Canada, the United States, Belgium, Australia…, and on. Continue reading

The End of an Era

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I remember when I first arrived in Dublin. It was similar to home, yet different. Now I can undoubtedly say it is a home away from home, and I have every intention of returning. Looking back it is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I would advise anybody considering a year abroad to go for it. It’s a whole new experience, no matter where you go.

Returning home has made me realise just how fast this year has gone, I already miss the city, the university and the company! I would say the best part of the whole experience has been meeting people the people I met, literally from all across the globe. It’s crazy how this one common thing- studying away from your home country- can bring two people from opposite sides of the world together!

The sole decision of taking up this year abroad has lead me to plan a very exciting summer, a lot of which will be spent travelling. It’s like the domino effect. One great decision can affect your whole life. Do it- you will not regret it.

That’s all from me…

I wish you all the best. Good luck!

My Last Month

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Hello all,

I hope you enjoyed my little video tour of Sapienza. My friends and I spent a while filming all the little clips, including parts on the beach in Sicily!

This will be my last post on my year abroad blog. Everyone warned me, but my year abroad went by so quickly. It really feels like only yesterday I posted the farewell picture on Facebook and boarded the plane to Italy. With my final exams over (and successfully passed), I had some time to see all the final bits I wanted see in Rome. Friends came to visit me to celebrate their graduations/my end of exams and together we saw some of Rome’s ‘best bits’. Continue reading

The Final and Dramatic One

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So here we are, the end of my blogging contract with Durham International Office.

I’ve been so fortunate to have this blogging space, that I wanted my last post to be something pertinent. A kind of, drop-the-mic kind of conclusion, if you will.

I’ve spent my last week in Calais volunteering in the refugee camp there, and made a wee little vlog about it which I’ll post below. Remember the action continues over on theadventuresofaliceabroad so if you want to know what I’ll be up to in my last two months in France subscribe there!

I hope you enjoy finding out about the SOS Chai project!

Love, Alice x



Surviving Japanese Summer

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Everyone in Japan hates Summer.
“But why, Summer is great! The sun, the heat…”
No, that’s Japanese SPRING. Here, Spring is the season of temperatures in their early twenties, beautiful flowers and sunshine. Summer is a different matter.

During the Summer, the weather becomes what we call ‘mushi atsui’ – literally ‘insect hot’. In other words, it becomes so hot and humid that all of the bugs come out to play. When the sun shines, it’s scorchingly hot, and when it doesn’t it’s raining and the dense clouds trap you in an uncomfortable earth prison of cockroaches and sweat. But there are some methods of surviving these awful conditions, as Japanese people do every year. So I’m going to share these with you! Continue reading

Time Lords and Holy Water

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Two seasons of Doctor Who in as many weeks. That’s getting dangerously close to an addiction. Fortunately, it was as much a memory run as it was a time-filler; the buck stops with the last of the Tennant episodes. For some reason I never got into the Matt Smith series. Maybe I grew up.

Yeah. Like that’s ever going to happen. Continue reading

Brexit Apocalypse? Let’s try to think about it first

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51.9% vs 48.1%…

I think the last time a number struck me  so viscerally, so historically, was when Usain Bolt finished his 100m world record time of 9.58 seconds.  What a moment.  The feeling of watching history being made is something I will never forget.

The results of the UK referendum will no doubt be burned into everyone’s mind for the rest of their lives.

Interspersed through this article will be some fun pictures of what I’ve been getting up to in Heidelberg in June.  I would have loved for instance, to talk about the charity football tournament I organised with some friends, which attracted over 16 5-a-side teams and spectators, so over 100 people and helped raise over 800 euros for charity.  Instead I’ll just stick the weblink here: Continue reading