Exploring Queenstown

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Hello again,

The mid-semester break has rolled around already in Dunedin and I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Queenstown.

Queenstown sits on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, nestled amongst some of the smaller peaks in the Southern Alps. It is a beautiful and picturesque town well known for being the ‘adventure capital’ of the world. As someone who tends to avoid anything that makes my stomach do flips riding the chairlift up the mountain when we went skiing was enough adventure and adrenaline for me!

But as well as classic bungee jumping or running off the side of the mountains for parachuting there are plenty of other things that I got up to when I visited with my flatmates last week and I’m going to share a few of my favourites Continue reading

1 month in already

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Hello everyone,

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday here in Dunedin. Although the New Zealand winter is in full swing and the weather has been quite temperamental so far, I’ve almost been too hot in my coat as I’ve wandered around town today. Two years of chilly Durham winters has definitely taught me how to layer up. Continue reading

I have a new Website!

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Apologies for the absence. I’ve been quite busy working on a new project, and I’m proud to tell you that I have launched my new photography website! It is http://www.distantpixels.com , feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. Here are a couple photos I have taken that’ll you’ll find amongst the gallery…

You can also follow me on instagram @distantpixels, or on facebook.com/distantpixels.


Through the Window – I took this one in Cathedral Cove, New Zealand


Shining Through – I took this photo of the moon shining through the gap in the rock, with the milky way overhead, in Western Australia last semester

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A Little Adventure

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So that’s it. 66 lifts and 4542 kilometres worth of hitchhikes, 140 hours and 380 kilometres of hiking later, I’ve finished my ten weeks in the country I’ve wanted to visit ever since I can remember. The country I discovered on a globe when I was a little kid, spinning the world around, putting my finger on the United Kingdom, and pretending to dig a hole through the earth until I found the opposite side to where I was standing. I guess it was something about exploring the ends of the earth that drew me in – the unknown, the remote, the seemingly unreachable. New Zealand was this magical land that I formed in my mind and later heard about – a place where the mountains stretched to the heavens, where the seas ferociously collided, where the birds sang sweet songs, and where the unknown was to be explored.


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Christmas Vacation Plans

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So the semester is officially finished here down under, the summer is about to begin (although with the weather this week I can’t imagine how it’ll get hotter…) and I’m getting ready to start my three and a half month holiday – here are the deets…

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