The End of an Era

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I remember when I first arrived in Dublin. It was similar to home, yet different. Now I can undoubtedly say it is a home away from home, and I have every intention of returning. Looking back it is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I would advise anybody considering a year abroad to go for it. It’s a whole new experience, no matter where you go.

Returning home has made me realise just how fast this year has gone, I already miss the city, the university and the company! I would say the best part of the whole experience has been meeting people the people I met, literally from all across the globe. It’s crazy how this one common thing- studying away from your home country- can bring two people from opposite sides of the world together!

The sole decision of taking up this year abroad has lead me to plan a very exciting summer, a lot of which will be spent travelling. It’s like the domino effect. One great decision can affect your whole life. Do it- you will not regret it.

That’s all from me…

I wish you all the best. Good luck!

‘Tis the Season of Exams

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Two semesters down and just one more to go. This is it. The final month of being at Trinity has commenced.

We all know the frenzy surrounding exam season, including those all nighters in attempt to process and memorize a whole years worth of information in one night, when in reality we just don’t like to accept we’ve done enough and given it our all. Yes, that’s right- it’s usually just a moment of panic that sets us off to think it would be wise idea. Continue reading

St Patrick’s Day

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The annual festival originating in Ireland but celebrated all over the world has come! We all know St Patrick’s day, or better known as Paddy’s day, is a day for celebrating, erm, what? Irish culture is actually immensely rich in its history and this day is just one example of this, with the good old Saint Patrick having died on this day 16 centuries ago.  In recognition of him bringing Christianity to Ireland, this is the day massive parades are held throughout the country, and internationally too, with Dublin being one the biggest, most exciting, and most crey crey from what I’ve seen! Continue reading

2016 come at me!

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So, Epiphany term has begun, which means I am officially  half way through my time at Trinity. I cannot comprehend where the time has gone. It is true that time flies, cliché, but true. There was so much I wanted to do that I have not yet done, so I now pledge to explore a massive amount more in the upcoming months. Continue reading

Christmas is a-coming!

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As the festive season approaches , the air is turning crisp and the winds are getting stronger. The passing of two windstorms in the space of two weeks has lead to serious warnings issued to remain indoors, oh and a bridge collapsed somewhere on the outskirts- Irish weather at its finest. On the other hand, Dublin in December is AH-MAZING! Continue reading