Adventures in Tuscany

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It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote about what’s going on in my life at the moment, and I have to say that much has happened! Over the easter week, I managed to get back to the UK and see family and friends (despite my 8 hour delay at Bologna airport, but that’s not something I want to relive right now…), but before I knew it my time was up and I was touching back down on Italian soil for the final sprint of my year abroad! Continue reading

Milano Arriviamo!

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Another weekend, another big adventure! Last Saturday morning I jumped (ish) out of bed at 7am, bright eyed (ish) and bushy tailed (okay maybe not) and ready to head to Milano! The weather was absolutely glorious, and I really mean that. It was beautiful – we couldn’t have been luckier! We took a train at half 8 to Verona and then on to Milano, arriving at around half 11 with the rest of the day ahead of us!


Views of Lake Guarda

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Bologna Blogging

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A couple of weeks ago, we (we being myself and the other lovely ladies here with me in Italy) took a much needed day trip to our nearest big city – Bologna! As much as I love being in a town with a fantastic sense of community, where everybody knows everybody, it was great to escape to a big city where I’m not just one of the ‘madrelingua’ girls! Continue reading


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The time has come (and gone at the time of this posting) for me to say adios to Spain, and it was much more difficult than I anticipated. There is no doubt in my mind that my time in Spain has taught me so much both about the world (cheesy) and myself (even cheesier). I’ve had a lot of time now to reflect on my experiences and life there and have come to the following conclusions – Continue reading