I have a new Website!

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Apologies for the absence. I’ve been quite busy working on a new project, and I’m proud to tell you that I have launched my new photography website! It is http://www.distantpixels.com , feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. Here are a couple photos I have taken that’ll you’ll find amongst the gallery…

You can also follow me on instagram @distantpixels, or on facebook.com/distantpixels.


Through the Window – I took this one in Cathedral Cove, New Zealand


Shining Through – I took this photo of the moon shining through the gap in the rock, with the milky way overhead, in Western Australia last semester

I’ll be writing a couple more posts shortly over here, but to keep things quick, my mum and sister came to visit after I came back from New Zealand, and it was great to see them again. Term restarted three weeks ago so I’m back to the daily grind of work, but you’ll be pleased to know I’m still finding time to go to the beach and swim with dolphins. I still pinch myself everyday because I still cannot believe how amazing it is here – I wake up and am greeted by constant blue skies (it hasn’t rained in a month and a half…) and 30 degree heat, a perfect beach ten minutes away, a glorious campus a hop over the road, and the most amazing city in the world. Perth is just awesome, and I actually got sad thinking about the fact that I only have one semester left. Enough soppiness, I’m going to go back to work.


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