Favourite Places: North America

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Hey Guys!

Second term has begun, and I am back in my favourite place. I can’t really describe how amazing Vancouver and Canada is, so here are some of my favourite places I’ve been to so far since September.


Banff, in Alberta, is beyond incredible. It is the most amazing place that I have ever been to and I don’t think that I will ever go somewhere more incredibly beautiful. I saw glaciers, walked in a torrential snow storm, and went into a hot springs when it was -10 degrees outside but 35 degrees inside the pool.


I’ve had the opportunity to go to Seattle twice since I arrived and both times I experienced something completely different. The first time I was able to walk around Pike Place Market, go to the first ever Starbucks and spend an hour eating unlimited fries in Red Robin (seriously, it was as amazing as it sounds). The second time I went with my boyfriend (met on my year abroad!!!) and we stayed in a nice hotel in Downtown, and we went to the movies, bought some beautiful flowers and explored the city. It is such a vibrant and exciting place to explore.


I uploaded a YouTube video of this trip here.

Los Angeles

I went to LA/disneyland for New Year’s this year and it was truly an experience that I will never forget. Laying on a beach in 26 degree heat in December, and counting down the new year in Disney was beyond wonderful.



Life is truly incredible. I never want to come home.


Lots of Love,


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