Preparation, Patience and Perseverance

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In the first of what should hopefully be a long series of entries detailing my Study Abroad year in Melbourne, Australia; I thought it would be best to detail all the preparation you have to undertake before you head out on your study abroad year.

First thing to get sorted is your flight (naturally, this is what I sorted out last), best thing is to book a return, because without it the cost of a single ticket will be astronomical, and the the airline will only charge you a small fee to change the return dates later on. For Australia in particular, look at Qantas or Virgin Australia.

Next thing you’re going to want to get sorted is your accommodation; check out Gumtree, the University’s online housing notice-board, and any local private advertisements – you’ll definitely need a lot of ‘patience’ if you’re going to find the right place online…

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