A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: My Year Abroad in Pictures

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I’m back in London!! It’s fab being home but god, I forgot how grey it is over here. I’m definitely missing that gorgeous Canadian sky.

I wasn’t quite ready to write my last ever year abroad blog post, so I thought I’d make a collection of all my favourite photos from my time in Canada.

So here you go!

Song Credit- “Everywhere” Fleetwood Mac (Just for you Anna xx)


Hope everyone is awesome!

To all you fab folks in Durham, I’ll be visiting super soon and can’t wait to see you!

To my Canada fam, I miss you so much already!!

Lots of love,

Sonia xx


Vancouver: The Dream I Never Woke Up From

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Hello guys!

Somehow today represents my two month anniversary of studying at UBC in Canada and I can’t believe just how fast it’s gone. Since I last wrote I’ve been to Banff, Victoria, Seattle, joined a sorority, had fun at frat parties and had an abundance of more amazing memories, which secures to me that choosing to study in Canada has been the best decision of my life. Not only is the way of life less stressful here (and the academics have been easier – Durham works us extremely hard!) but I am just overall a much happier person because of my experiences and the people that I have met here. Continue reading

Orientation Week Completed!

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Hello again you fabulous readers! I’ve survived Orientation Week! (I know, I can’t quite believe it either).

I’ve had the best first week here at the University of Calgary, experiencing some amazing Canadian culture and meeting a crazy amount of people from all over the world. Admittedly my flat has befriended many fellow English people, but we also know a bunch of Australians, Dutch and, of course, Canadians.

I’m still working on fitting in with the Canadians, but my love for Drake has significantly increased so I’m half way there! Continue reading