ESPAÑA: Myth vs. Reality

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After a few weeks embracing the Erasmus life, it’s time to tackle five stereotypes of the Spanish culture in search of the quintessential Hispanic lifestyle…

  1. The siesta = REALITY

Before moving to Salamanca, I was under the impression that the siesta was a thing of the past, or at least reserved for lazy summer days. Within moments of my arrival, I realised I would drastically have to adjust my body clock to fit in with the Spaniards. Not only do the vast majority of shops (and all university offices- helpful!) close between 2pm and 5pm but the academic timetable also revolves around the siesta. This means I have scarcely any classes in the afternoon. What’s the catch? Lectures starting at 7pm three times a week… The fact that nights out here start at 11pm at the VERY earliest and can end at 7.30am also makes the need for siestas a lot more understandable. Continue reading

Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong – Mooncakes and Bride Pools

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This is by far the busiest that Hong Kong has been so far. Thursday the fifteenth of September saw the arrival of Hong Kong’s annual Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节). Everywhere we walked, people shared Mooncakes and lit Lanterns up and down the packed streets of Causeway Bay. We were surrounded by thousands of people making their way to Victoria Park to see the shows and nearby Incense Dragon Dance. Looking around, we knew that this was going to be one of the highlights of Chinese culture we would see during our time here. Continue reading

The Golden City

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Only a few days have passed since I first set foot on the cobbled streets of Salamanca and I’ve already fallen in love with la ciudad dorada. The city has a lively student vibe and a friendly cosmopolitan atmosphere thanks to all the Erasmus students. With nine thousand international students from all over the world and a host of events happening all the time, there’s yet to be a dull moment! Continue reading

On Food. Or, the beginning of an entirely inadequate summary of culinary fun in Hong Kong.

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All I had hoped for and more is true: ‘Hong Kong’ can confidently be labelled as synonymous with ‘good food’. The melting pot of cultures, styles and traditions means that you can’t walk more than a hundred metres without passing a veritable melange of international eateries. My claim – that if you want to eat well, you should be here in Hong Kong – is a big one, but I’m confident that I can justify it based on only two weeks of experience and the limitations of a student’s budget. Continue reading

Bienvenue à Paris

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August is coming to an end and so are my first two weeks here in Paris. Time went so quickly and there are so many things happening that I barely get the time to unwind and reflect. But that’s a good thing, isn’t it?


Ian from Texas, Connor from New Hampshire, Avery from Singapore, Erin from Boston, Tesni from the UK and me enjoying the evening sun on a boat-bar in the south of Paris.

Continue reading

The Final Countdown: 5 Things I did this Summer to Prepare Me for My Year Abroad

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IMG_2986 (2)Hello there you fabulous readers! Now, you might have to bear with me, I’ve become a tad excitable during the past few weeks as I prepare for my departure and I’m struggling to keep my cool.

I have just under one week until I’m off to Canada and, don’t tell anyone, I’m a little nervous. Although I’ve been before, a holiday isn’t quite the same as living and studying there for a year, and I can’t help feeling slightly unprepared. I’m always up for an adventure but the unknown can be daunting! That’s why, to calm my nerves, I spent the last few weeks of summer making the most of England and doing things that would help me look forward to Canada.

So here it is, my shortened list (believe me it was substantially longer) of must do’s to prepare me for my year abroad! Continue reading