First Impressions: Amman

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After a more than comfortable flight into Amman (three seats to myself along with three pillows and blankets!) I unfortunately had a less than smooth transition into my life in Jordan. My O2 sim I was planning on using until I could find a Jordanian replacement started blocking my inbound and outbound calls, meaning I couldn’t get in contact with my landlady to direct the cab driver on the final stretch to her house. Luckily I met my friend Jasmine at the airport and so the three hour wait until we were able to contact her flew by… (N.B. check that your phone company allows you to make calls in the country you’re visiting before you leave!)

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I start my year abroad today: first stop Jordan to study Arabic at the Qasid Insitute and the Ali Baba International Center in Amman.

Goodbyes are always difficult, especially when you’re about to go and join a culture so different to your own. I won’t lie, it’s 7.30am and I’ve already managed to have a mini emotional breakdown (and my flight doesn’t leave until 10pm!). Nonetheless I would say I’m incredibly excited for the coming year.

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