Fröhe Weihnachten! They definitely know it’s Christmas time…

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And all of a sudden it’s nearly Christmas, how did it sneak up like that?

Well, actually it didn’t sneak up at all…

For in Germany you have the glories of the Christmas markets, which ensures that unless you’re living reclusively in a cave, you don’t just know it’s Christmas, but rather feel like you’ve been doused in Glühwein throughout December!

And so this post entails what it’s like working towards the Christmas break at H, trips away and the festive cheer that wraps itself around you despite all the work we have and looming exams at the end of January… Continue reading

The serious, academic, pragmatic post

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So, I ended my last post with the line:

‘On the 12th Oct, term begins, so I hope to make the post a bit more academically focused!’

Well, work has started and it’s pretty good, if not always plain sailing.

When I decided to write a blog about my Year abroad, I did so with the intention that I would write the blog that I would want to read, i.e. not a just funny, quirky anecdotes-stuffed, gap-yah style year abroad blog… Rather, I hope that this blog has been so far entertaining and funny, but for this post at least, we turn now towards the serious aspects of studying abroad…

Some fun & crazy pictures are interspersed throughout to make this article a bit more readable… Continue reading

‘Have you seen my blue sheep?’

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Okay, so I’ve now been in Heidelberg for a month and it’s safe to say that I’ve learnt a lot.  Owing to the fact that I’ve just been doing a Sprachkurs (language course), I’ve been able to have a lot of fun, but of course there have been many, many things to get used to in moving to a new country and uni!

Heidelberg in the sun

You don’t have to leave H for a beautiful view 🙂

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T minus 10, 9, 8, 7…

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My bags are not packed.  My accommodation at Heidelberg University is unknown (it’s confirmed, but confusingly they can’t tell me where yet).

Yet as I wistfully consider how I’m going to miss Durham and stare out of the window at the pouring rain outside (pathetic fallacy: check), I’m overcome with excitement.  I want to run out the door and jump into the swelling puddles outside.  I might just do so after writing this. Continue reading

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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As my time in Germany came to an end I had the perfect end to a wonderful 6 months abroad, with a play that I directed and produced at the school I was working at.

The best thing about doing a British Council Placement is the flexibility that comes with it. It’s well paid, you only work twelve hours a week and it’s up to you to encourage and help the students learn English, and this doesn’t just have to be in lesson time. Continue reading

Carnival in Cologne

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Crazy, loud and just plain bizarre. 

This was the most exciting weekend that I have had in Cologne so far.

Cologne is renowned for its Karneval celebrations which take place mainly over one weekend in February, but the festival officially starts on November 11th. For the entire weekend Cologne is full of partygoers, dressed up as anything from Minions to iPhones. 


Cologne Cathedral


My housemate, dressed as an iPhone

 Kölle Alaaf! (Long Live Cologne!)

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