Orientation Week Completed!

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Hello again you fabulous readers! I’ve survived Orientation Week! (I know, I can’t quite believe it either).

I’ve had the best first week here at the University of Calgary, experiencing some amazing Canadian culture and meeting a crazy amount of people from all over the world. Admittedly my flat has befriended many fellow English people, but we also know a bunch of Australians, Dutch and, of course, Canadians.

I’m still working on fitting in with the Canadians, but my love for Drake has significantly increased so I’m half way there! Continue reading

Katie makes friends at Frosh Week

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That’s what they call it here: Freshers are called “Froshmen”. How weird. They also don’t say “half past” the hour, at all, they don’t know what it means.  Language barriers are more common than I initially thought they would be, but fortunately, these encounters come across in more of a cute way than a communicatively obstructive way. For example, a girl laughed at me today in the lift (sorry – elevator) when I asked where she’d bought her “chips” from. I should know by now that they call the deep fried potatoes “fries” by now. Yesterday I saw a sign that said “Please put your trash in the garbage” – how Canadian!! Also they don’t know what “jumpers” are. Continue reading

A Grand First Week

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The Spire & the Flag

Excitement levels were high as I entered the centre of Dublin, though my high expectations were not initially met. Getting off the bus and walking through the streets of Dublin, dragging my suitcase along busy roads, I finally reached my destination. I’m all for losing my way (it’s an adventure in itself), but getting lost on the way to my hostel isn’t the best thing to happen when you’re lugging 30kg behind you. Luckily, the Irish folk were more than happy to guide me to the right direction. I crossed the Spire on my slight detour, of course this was a Snapchat moment since the Irish flag was waving away up in the clouds! That’s when it hit me- I’m in Dublin. The heart of Ireland. More importantly, home for the next nine months. Continue reading

Denmark #1: Intro Week

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I’ve been in Denmark for about a week and a half now, and start lectures tomorrow (!). It’s been a crazy, crazy introduction week which ‘kind of’ resembled Durham Freshers that you definitely know but only maybe love, but with extra canoes. Aarhus isn’t the Venice of Scandinavia, but you can actually canoe through the centre of it and you can wave at the locals like some kind of Lord of the river and they will wave back. It’s amazing.

It's no wonder Danish people are so happy, they get to do this all day

It’s no wonder Danish people are so happy, they get to do this all day

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