Brexit Apocalypse? Let’s try to think about it first

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51.9% vs 48.1%…

I think the last time a number struck me  so viscerally, so historically, was when Usain Bolt finished his 100m world record time of 9.58 seconds.  What a moment.  The feeling of watching history being made is something I will never forget.

The results of the UK referendum will no doubt be burned into everyone’s mind for the rest of their lives.

Interspersed through this article will be some fun pictures of what I’ve been getting up to in Heidelberg in June.  I would have loved for instance, to talk about the charity football tournament I organised with some friends, which attracted over 16 5-a-side teams and spectators, so over 100 people and helped raise over 800 euros for charity.  Instead I’ll just stick the weblink here: Continue reading