Harajuku Adventures #2

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I’m sure that everyone living in Tokyo has their own favourite place. Mine happens to be here in Harajuku, a place that I’ve blogged about before. It’s a place where the platform shoes are as high as the stars, the stores are a wonderland of multi-coloured shiny things and the people roaming the streets are fearless and creative in their fashion choices. Since going to Harajuku for the first time, I’ve joined in and am well on my way to becoming the kind of Harajuku girl that Gwen Stefani always sang about. As such, although I will definitely be blogging other things, this beautiful place which is now a big part of my life will be fairly heavily featured on the Durham Students Abroad WordPress site! Don’t worry though – Harajuku will never fail to entertain you. Continue reading

First time in… HARAJUKU!!!!

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Okay so you were probably expecting something about my new daily routine and my immediate surroundings as a first post from me. This will come very soon. My priorities in life, however, have always been 1.Harajuku 2.Everything else.

So Harajuku. What’s that? Basically it is the actual best place on Earth. It’s known as the fashion capital of Tokyo (which is one of the fashion capitals of THE WORLD) not just for its abundance of big brand labels, but more importantly its rich rich fantastical amazing magical colourful artistic fashion subcultures and individual stores. I’ve been all over fashion in Tokyo online for years. I actually have my own blog dedicated to fashion in Tokyo. I’ve always had an out-there dress sense, and what I’ve seen of Harajuku online – the designers, the stores, the famous models, and just the snaps of ordinary people looking fabulous¬†in the street – is a big part of my inspiration. Naturally, it was to be my first port of call.¬† Continue reading