Blog #4: Aarhus Situations

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Exams Schmams – No wait I mean study study study

Sorry it has been a while – I’ve been busy with my job, my exams, and party but not too much party because of job and exams. But just a little party.

This month I’ll try and make up for my recent lack of blogs with one that’s actually filled with useful information about studying in Aarhus. Information such as housing information, courses information and city information and not information about bees. Not even a single fact about the declining rate of bee population in Denmark (at 20.2% over winter), and that Denmark is actually home to 150,000 bee hives. Nothing like that. Continue reading

Denmark #3: James Bond and Bar Work

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Since my last post I have started my new job, seen the latest Bond movie and generally struggled to write a 10-page essay in my native language.

On Friday night I started my job at the only place being English must be some kind of positive. “The Sherlock Holmes Pub” is in the centre of Aarhus and is a traditionally English pub. I say Friday night but it would be more accurate to say Saturday morning (if you’re one of those people anyway). I started at midnight and got an 8am bus home. Continue reading

Denmark #2: Blog Sprog

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This month I visited Göteburg in Sweden, attempted to begin learning Danish and became the proud owner of a bike. It’s been an exciting month. The weather has started to worsen for winter, but I’m not sure it’s fully committed yet. It was cold and rainy this week and warm the week before and warm and sunny today. It does mean as a British person I have an endless supply of small talk about how the weather is ‘surprisingly cold’ or ‘quite nice’ or ‘better than yesterday, isn’t it?’ so I can’t complain. Continue reading

Denmark #1: Intro Week

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I’ve been in Denmark for about a week and a half now, and start lectures tomorrow (!). It’s been a crazy, crazy introduction week which ‘kind of’ resembled Durham Freshers that you definitely know but only maybe love, but with extra canoes. Aarhus isn’t the Venice of Scandinavia, but you can actually canoe through the centre of it and you can wave at the locals like some kind of Lord of the river and they will wave back. It’s amazing.

It's no wonder Danish people are so happy, they get to do this all day

It’s no wonder Danish people are so happy, they get to do this all day

Continue reading