Only Cool Kids Live in Ehrenfeld

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Fair warning, this is in no way whatsoever a criticism of Ehrenfeld or anything associated to Ehrenfeld. In fact, I’m very much fond of Ehrenfeld and everything Ehrenfeld has to offer. How many times can I fit Ehrenfeld into the first paragraph? Five times. That’s less impressive than I anticipated.

Most of you, if not all of you, have no idea what the so-called ‘Ehrenfeld’ is; allow me to enlighten you. Ehrenfeld is a neighbourhood in Cologne that is considered to be the ‘hipster’ zone. Now, I’m not very fond of the term ‘hipster’ for many reasons, so I will simply admit that this neighbourhood is pretty cool. I’ve been here for about two months now and many photography missions have been accomplished in that area. Please enjoy the fruits of my labour scattered throughout this blog post.

What makes Ehrenfeld so cool, you ask? Well, if the extensive range of graffiti and mural art isn’t enough of a justification, I’d be glad to elaborate.

This neighbourhood has something for every single person that comes to mind. Do you like reading books in quiet but awesome parks? Ehrenfeld. Do you like niche little cafés with exclusively homemade cheesecake? Ehrenfeld. Do you like outdoor movie theaters? Ehrenfeld. Do you like partying in some of the most unique clubs of Germany? Ehrenfeld. Do you like shopping for clothes by the kilo? Ehrenfeld. Do you like anything? Ehrenfeld.

I realise I must be coming off as a total fan right now, but I guess I need to justify the significant weight of euros that I have spent there. Worth it.

For those of you considering Cologne as a future destination, here are my brief but succinct recommendations;

  • Favourite Café | Madame Tartine: This café gives off a very chill rustic French vibe (I’m French, so it fits). The coffee is top notch, and the food menu changes literally every day. It’s all homemade. All of it.
  • Favourite Club | Odonien: Picture a junkyard that has been repurposed to be a nightclub for us super responsible young adults. The toilets are in an old container. One of the music rooms is in an old bus. Another music room is in an old bunker. It’s very very unique to say the least.
  • Favourite Restaurant | Karl Hermann’s: Best burgers in town, hands down. Even a range of vegetarian options that had my mouth watering. I can’t say many restaurants have that effect on me.
  • Favourite Detail | Everything: Literally everything. There is nothing that does not happen in Ehrenfeld. A few weeks ago I was throwing my money away at a food festival. This weekend I’m throwing my money at a vintage clothing kilo sale. Call me a hipster, I’ll take it.

Everything put aside, the whole city of Cologne is such a cool place to explore. I could (and have) gotten lost for hours just strolling around.

If you guys enjoyed the photos I posted on here, be sure to give me a cheeky follow on Instagram @alex_laval for more. Otherwise, I shall see you next time with another story. Bis Bald!

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