Almost there…

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It’s now less than one week until I leave for my year abroad in Canada. It’s finally starting to sink in, after a busy summer where I didn’t really have time to think about it. I am now in the middle of a two week period of attempting to make sure I have everything done on time – before I left to do my various summer activities I was pretty sure I was on top of preparations, but now I’m not so sure…

I’m currently making sure I have all the documents I IMG_0040need, making last minute dentist and doctors appointments, trying to see everyone I want to before I leave and of course the actual packing. I’ve been given strict instructions not to pack too much (let’s just say I’m not the world’s lightest packer), but I’m struggling, especially with the weather – betweennow and December the weather will turn from mid 20s to -20s – IMG_0053how do you pack for that?! I’m glad I’m going out a week early, so I have a few days to discover what I’ve inevitably forgotten and a chance to sort it out before classes start. I’ve bought a new duffle bag, which to me is extremely exciting, but I am now having trouble actually fitting everything into it…

IMG_0044Along with panicking to make sure I have everything I need for next week, I’m trying to appreciate and take advantage of all the things I’ll miss while I’m away. I’ve been meeting up with my friends, watching films with my family, going on walks in the Yorkshire Dales in the beautiful English summer weatherIMG_0041 (it was chucking it down with rain), eating my favourite British food (do they do roast dinners in Canada??) and of course having numerous cuddles with my cats. I’ve baked cakes, gingerbread and pancakes, although not with maple syrup and bacon.

IMG_0038I’m still not really sure what to expect when I arrive, but I’m getting pretty excited, and I can’t wait to get stuck into a completely new country.

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