Enough from me, who else is loving their year abroad?

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16179437_1328911833798104_4017035432068824843_oWhy hello there you fabulous readers! Only one more month to go until I’m back in England. Honestly, can’t believe I just wrote that sentence, it’s insane how quickly the past few months have gone! Everyone is slowly realising that this awesome year is coming to an end and there are a lot of mixed emotions about it. I’m sure you’re all aware of how much I’ve loved this year abroad experience, so I thought I’d dedicate this blog post to a few of my fellow year abroaders living with me over here in Canada.

Here are a few of their wonderfully insightful moments and tips for anyone coming next year, or for anyone who just doesn’t believe me when I say year abroad is awesome.



15271784_10208278802514919_4871006206186780877_o (1)LYDIA

Durham University 

Most Canadian moment:

My friends calling things ‘dope’ and people genuinely not knowing what I’m talking about when I say I live in halls – it’s rez over here darlings.

Most important thing I’ve learnt:

People are the biggest factor in my happiness, but amazing Canadian scenery really helps too.

If I could change one thing:15110483_10208202973059230_315673012671132585_o

To have all my Australian friends from semester 1 stay for the entire year.

How has your year abroad changed you? My year abroad has changed me in making me more worldy and independent.

Advice for doing a year abroad in Canada: Enjoy every freakin second because it goes soooo fast but is probably the best year of your life.




Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Best Canadian moment: when all the internationals dance 2 step and line dance at Knoxville’s

Worst Canadian moment: when people don’t understand me because of my accent

Most important thing you have learnt: apart from my english improvement, I have also learnt to engage with all kinds of people and to value everything (people, moments, money…) more.

What would you change: Everything has been perfect but if I needed to change something it would be to plan my time better so I would be able to do more uni activities and more trips. 17545257_10209335268445907_774327332148106833_o

How has your year abroad changed you? in the way I used to focus my life. Here I have learnt that your parents cannot give you everything and that I need to work to be able to pay for all my things. Now, I’m able to organise my time better (i can take 2-3 naps a day and also be productive) and thanks to all the internationals (a special thanks to the English girls) now I’m more talkative without being embarrassed abouEnglishglish.

Advice: bring winter clothes, learns how to ski/snowboard beforehand, and be ready to meet the most amazing people you will ever meet during the best year of your life!




Newcastle University 

Best Canadian moment? 

1st road trip – a group of us stayed in a log cabin between Golden and Field in B.C, which was in a remote part of Canada. This was my favourite moment because we all sat outside around a fire sharing various stories and getting to know each other, without being glued to our phone with little interaction, which seems to be very hard to come by in todays day and age.

What is the most important thing you’ve learnt?

True independence

If you could change one thing about your year abroad what would it be?

N/A – everything that has happened (good or bad) is the reason why my Study Abroad year has been such an unforgettable experience.

In what way has your year abroad changed you?16835874_1266533203402636_1126322257667605545_o

Helps you realise the opportunities available to you outside of your home country, thus broadening my mind to greater horizons.

What advice would you give to someone about to do their year abroad in Canada?

Go out of your way to meet the locals as that is how you best experience the local culture and interests. Rather than taking the easy route of being within your comfort zone by befriending people who are from the same country and also in the same situation as you.




University of Leeds

Most Canadian moment:

drinking Tim Horton’s in front of Niagara Falls

What is the most important thing you’ve learnt?

Say yes to everything

If you could change one thing about your year abroad what would it be?

Do two years

In what way has your year abroad changed you?17039021_10212350428700975_8392939518621267262_o

I’ve become more independent living so far from home. Also, it’s changed my perspective on life and made me realise that there are more important things than good grades

What advice would you give to someone about to do their year abroad in Canada?

Make as much money as possible before you come so you don’t miss out on any opportunities




Queensland University of Technology

Best/worst moment: every day with all my friends and acquaintances

Most important lesson: just be yourself and get out of your comfort zone16905060_1266533136735976_50447145908906286_o

Change: slow it down. It has gone way too quick

Changed about me: branching out and becoming good friends with people I may not have necessarily approached before

Advice: travel as much as you can and say yes to every opportunity. Get a credit card, lots of dollar dollar bills yall



Durham University

Best: looking around the lodge to see Ellie cooking, the Aussies starting a fire and Sonia running around excitedly. 
Worst: goodbyes after sem 2.
Most important thing learned: talk to as many people as possible (everyone is lovely), take every opportunity there is
Change one thing: possibly second semester somewhere else (or making it warmer in winter but I don’t think that’s possible…)16730507_10158249959630023_3213277673344834953_n
Year abroad has changed me massively: given me a clear career direction and goal with some great contacts, made the best friends I could have asked for (the fab gals I live with) and got a great Australian boyfriend who I’m visiting in a few months
Advice: seize every opportunity, go on every trip you can, talk to your Profs about opportunities, socialise as much as possible, don’t care about study and have fun! (And jump in some freezing lakes).
So there you have it, now you know I’m not exaggerating and year abroad really is as fabulous as I say it is!
Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter break and revising a little harder than we are!
Sending love from across the Atlantic.
Sonia xxx

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