Skiing: A very specific list of what not to do.

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img_9194Howdy, all you fabulous readers! Wow, what a crazy few days it’s been! I just got back from skiing at Sunshine Ski Resort in Banff and I must say I’m shattered. It was an extremely eventful and stressful trip and I’m still not entirely sure I’ve recovered, but overall it was an absolute blast! So whilst it’s still fresh in my mind, let me tell you all the things that went wrong and give you a few pro tips about what not to do when you go skiing.


1. Don’t take a 7-hour nap the evening before you leave and wake up at 1 am having not packed or collected your ski gear…

This first one is pretty self-explanatory. How did I manage to do that? I honestly couldn’t tell you, but I now have learnt the hard way that alarm clocks are never ever overrated.




Don’t go on your phone when there are views like these

2. Don’t assume that you will be able to rent a car and then have no way of getting to Banff.


Another not so ideal problem that we encountered. Luckily we have an awesome Canadian friend that was a saint and drove us there! Cheers Jason, you’re a babe!



3. When you pick up your ski gear, don’t forget a glove.

Blame it on the lack of sleep (I certainly did), but it’s always good to double check you have two gloves. The other one might come in handy every now and then.


4. Don’t get ski boots that are too small.


Don’t lie down when you can’t get back up





5. Don’t bring all your luggage to the ski resort and expect them to have lockers big enough for all your stuff.

We had to ditch our bags and pack super super light. Wasn’t aware that I could be such a light packer but I’ve definitely learnt how to survive on the bare minimum now! It was an interesting experience, to say the least.




Don’t make awkward faces when you’re scared on your first day


6. Don’t forget towels.

After a day of skiing, you’re probably going to want a shower. Even if you don’t mind, believe me, your friends will. Luckily our hostel had some towels so we were safe, but it was a close call!


7. Don’t get cocky and forget to actually sit down on the ski lift

I ended up being pushed by the ski lift into the snow…infront of everyone. They had to stop the whole ski lift machine and wait for me to climb out of meter deep snow. I died of embarrassment whilst my friends cried with laughter. Not my proudest moment.


8. Don’t let the negatives ruin your trip!

So yeah, we encountered quite a few obstacles that had us panicking and stressing for most of the first day but hey, we got through it in the end and at least we actually made it to the resort!

Overall it was still a very successful trip. Once we actually got to the mountains and were skiing, it was hard to let all the little things get to you. There’s just nothing quite like watching your Australian friend learning to ski for the first time and going down the slopes backwards. Or taking a wrong turn on a blue run and ending up on a black, knowing full well that you could die but it’s the only way down. Or standing at the top of a mountain watching all the pros zoom past you whilst you stuff your face with 8 chocolate brownies- my idea of heaven.

It was certainly eventful but we all remained in good spirits and ended up having a blast regardless. I mean, how can you not with views like these?



Sending my love to all of you across the pond! I hope everyone is a tad more on top of life than I am!

Till next time!

Sonia xx

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