Orientation Week Completed!

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Hello again you fabulous readers! I’ve survived Orientation Week! (I know, I can’t quite believe it either).

I’ve had the best first week here at the University of Calgary, experiencing some amazing Canadian culture and meeting a crazy amount of people from all over the world. Admittedly my flat has befriended many fellow English people, but we also know a bunch of Australians, Dutch and, of course, Canadians.

I’m still working on fitting in with the Canadians, but my love for Drake has significantly increased so I’m half way there!


Downtown Calgary

I can’t possibly cover everything I did this week but here are a few highlights.

(If you’re too lazy to read all this just scroll down and watch the video I made of the past week, I won’t judge don’t worry!…OK, maybe a little.)

  1. Pep Rally

This was essentially an assembly held in the ‘gym’, where all new students would be introduced to the University. We sang the Canadian anthem (a chance for me to demonstrate my great knowledge of Canadian culture…I only know the first two words) and listened to a prayer in the native language, Inuktitut.

  1. Cliff Jumping

Ok, this was awesome. Possibly one of the best days of my life just because it was so much fun and also so spontaneous. If you want to hear more about this spectacular day (obviously you do!) I’ve written another post that you can read here. I’m pretty chuffed that I jumped so I expect you all to read it and tell me how proud you are.

  1. Kick-Off and the Game

My first ever American Football game! As I’m not exactly a sporty person, even watching football back home in England can be a challenge, so American Football was something else! I tried really hard to follow what was going on but all I could appreciate was how much it felt like I was in an American High School movie.

A few other memorable moments…go ahead and scroll over the images.

VIDEO ALERT!! Now, because I’m really keen, I’ve also made a video of my first week. It features some awesome moments and a classic country song that my housemates are now in love with. Click here to watch it!

So there you have it, my incredible week summed up as succinctly as possible. It’s already been a life-changing journey and I can’t wait to see what else Calgary has in store for me.

Until next time you fabulous readers!

Thinking of everyone back home. Sonia xxx




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