Blog #12: Don’t Just Take My Word For It!

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Having been back in England now for about a month I’m slowly getting back into the swing of English life. It seems surreal that I spent an entire year not being able to read anything in English! Maybe it means I don’t take it for granted anymore!

Anyway, I thought I should round off with some bits and pieces about where you can get more information!

The Aarhus University Facebook page is regularly updated with bits of news. The latest was a marriage proposal in class because that’s literally how great Aarhus is, you just want to marry your classmates (and they love each other very much). You can also eat your sandwiches in class which I think is an underrated feature of the video

Aarhus is climbing up the ranking also thanks to some great research being done!

Finally if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me, and if I can’t help you the international centre has been great for me!




I made some great friends while I was away and and it is definitely one of the best reasons to travel abroad. Everyone who goes abroad says the same thing! Studying abroad has been an amazing experience. I’ve seen amazing things and met amazing people. But what kind of people, you might ask? How great are they really? The answer is really great, and don’t just take my word for it! Here’s a tiny sample of helpful friends who kindly contributed a little quote for my blog:

“When I got asked to write a few words for Aaron’s ‘the people you meet’ section of his blog, that is precisely what sprung to mind – the people I met. It was truly the people who made my experience abroad so fulfilling. Being able to relate on so many levels, such as living abroad and studying in a foreign country really made finding friends and keeping fruitful friendships a whole lot easier and meaningful.”


Liam O’Neill,

Eastern Australia


“Aarhus is the most awesome place to make friends for life and experience unforgettable moments within Scandinavian culture”
Katharina Tscheberjak, Germany
“My exchange year in Aarhus was an amazing experience, I would do it again anytime
Raphaël Nadeau, Quebec



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