Blog #9: Kasejladsen!

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Denmark is a strange country, and it gets no stranger than the competition in the University park called Kasejladsen. Students from all the different faculties set up teams to race across the pond in the centre. Oh, they have to drink a beer, spin round a pole and then paddle across. Apparently it draws around 25,000 spectators and I was one of them (sort of).

It started in the 1990’s, and was set up by the medicine department (yeah, I don’t know either) as some kind of parody of the Oxford/Cambridge boat race. Everyone turns up at between about 5:30 and 11 and basically start partying after maybe a warm up coffee. I turned up at 11 to find the park 100% packed. It also helped that the weather was awesome as it has been for the past few weeks. Visit Aarhus around May/June time and you will find one of the most unconventionally beautiful and modern cities basked in 25 degrees of sun which I maintain is hot.

OK back to the boat race. From about 11 there was music, everyone who I knew in Aarhus, and the atmosphere of a festival. The first event was a naked run which is potentially the most popular attraction (classic Danes). You had to sign up and everything which is potentially as organised as naked running gets.

I have a disclaimer that I actually have no idea who won the race or what actually happened during the race or anything basically but I had fun anyway. I’m pretty sure this is the most important part, no? Well, here are some pictures that describe it better than I can:

PS: This event was right back in May! I’m catching up on everything that’s been happening because naturally it gets busy this time of year! Even for exchange students…

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