‘Tis the Season of Exams

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Two semesters down and just one more to go. This is it. The final month of being at Trinity has commenced.

We all know the frenzy surrounding exam season, including those all nighters in attempt to process and memorize a whole years worth of information in one night, when in reality we just don’t like to accept we’ve done enough and given it our all. Yes, that’s right- it’s usually just a moment of panic that sets us off to think it would be wise idea.

And I’m hoping that won’t happen this time round. We sit exams our whole lives up until now and never seem to get used to the pressure that comes with it- it’s only natural to stress out in times like these, right?

So, here are some top tips that may help a poor soul in their time of need:

  1. Breaks- Get that balance right! Don’t work constantly to a point where you can no longer take in what you’re trying to learn, as well as forgetting what you had previously learnt. Only to ultimately spend your remaining time snapchatting how you should be revising but you’re not. We’ve all done it.


    Lovely coffee break with my flatties

  2. Organise- Your notes, yourself, your surroundings, and your schedule. Sounds simple, but it’s so easy to misjudge how important this actually is. Write down what you what topics you want to complete by when- there’s always a sense of accomplishment when you look back at it and tick it off.
  3. Be prepared- triple check your exam date, time and venue. Write it in your diary, stick it on your wall, engrave it in your mind, whatever it takes to mentally and physically get yourself into the right mode at the right time!

And finally, I admit this is a slight procrastination session for me, so wish me luck for what’s ahead, and I hope you all absolutely smash your year at university.

Best of luck!


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