I’m going to the Euros!

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Some really big news: after a series of unsuccessful attempts to get tickets to UEFA Euro 2016, held in France, I finally managed to get hold of a pair through the official marketing website. It basically took a whole day of signing in, queuing for about half an hour and hunting down tickets that would pop up. However, I got them in the end, at the point when everyone around me including the ‘External relations of the EU’ professor was cheering for me.

This means that 30 years after my country’s last major football tournament, me and my friend who’s currently studying in Nantes are going to Marseille in June to watch the long-awaited Hungary-Iceland football match. I’m thrilled by the news, and the unlikely consequence that I’m in the country which is organising the Euros the same year that Hungary qualifies to it.

Returning to my life here, classes ended in the beginning of April and we were given a 2-week-long exam break. I took the opportunity to use it as an Easter holiday and flew back to Budapest to see my friends and family. Sadly it was after the actual Easter, and I could barely meet those friends of mine who are also attending British universities. Another worrying factor blurring the break is an unexpected change in one of my exams. At the beginning of the second semester, I decided that I should expand my German by taking up a politics module in that language. As my language skills are not yet academic, I first asked about the nature of the exam just to make sure I would pass. I was told that it would be something like a ‘general discussion’, which was changed just before the exams to a written exam with 5 essay questions. Therefore, I’m not entirely sure what is going to happen, hopefully I won’t have to spend an extra month studying for a resit.

So exams are coming in a few days, after which I will be (hopefully) completely free and do the rest of the things that I’ve planned, before returning to Hungary.

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