Water here, water there, water errwhere

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February is a funny month. It just kind of exists in the middle of nowhere.  No major events, no major holidays, and no major deadlines. It doesn’t even have 30 days. However, it is therefore the perfect time to do things that you’ve been wanting to do for a long time but haven’t yet gotten round to doing! Here is what I call my coastal crawl.

Howth– Rising early at 5am to get the first Luas of the day into the city centre,  we caught the DART towards the Howth to watch the sun rise, so mesmerising that pictures did not do this place, at this time, justice. Luckily we chose the perfect day to go; clear skies and mild temperatures. Toured the seaside village and saw the famous lighthouse at the end of the wall. Also, slid down a slope of seaweed and could not climb back up except by the assistance of a large rock that halted me. Never doing that again!


Looking out from Howth’s very own Yatch Club


Sunrise at Howth

Great South Wall– took a while finding this place, it’s a bit of a walk to go from the main road to the public footpath that leads you to the end, patience is key. We got there eventually, and saw huge spans of water, unbelievably calm and relaxing!


The GSW walk

Dun Laoghaire– A popular destination as I saw when I reached there, two long promenades extending out into sea, again with a lighthouse at the end. This time we went for sunset, and watched the twilight from the end of the pier. Well worth the hour-long bus journey!



[wpvideo iiZdVNNg]

Bray to Greystone- This is officially hands down my favourite place in Dublin. The 7km long cliff walk starting from Bray and ending in Greystone, involves the route towards the boundary of County Dublin and County Wicklow. Further afield are the Wicklow mountains which can be witnessed from  a distance, with the DART line running parallel to the coastal path.

Snapchat-7499670022683833430        Snapchat-1327247975977578452

Blackrock– Another beach with a cute little seaside village, and a shopping centre holding the most amazing market- full of food from around the world (every Thursday, if you’re ever down)





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