Blog #5: AM BACK

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I am back. I arrived first time round in August to 25-degrees of Danish heat, and I stepped off the plane in January to about -100 degrees. Like, I’m not a thermometer but it was definitely in the negative. There was snow. Anyway, I had a nice Christmas break (thanks for asking) and I’m all set for the Spring Semester.

I say ‘all set’, but more appropriate would be ‘clueless’ (although if you are the Durham exchange coordinator and you are reading this, I still definitely mean ‘all set’). I’ve managed to sign up to four courses, and at least three of them are taught in English. The other I’m pretty sure was in Danish. It was ‘Microeconomic Analysis’ so it was like being taught a third language in a second language I don’t understand. Hopefully I’ll get that changed.

Settling in was quite easy because all my stuff is still here (unfortunately including my bike, man I left that unlocked all Christmas) and there was no duvet disaster. I also wasn’t invited to the intro week orientation for all the new students (most people only do one semester so I have like 3 friends left; cry for me) because I already know my way around apparently. Those of us left over from last semester were able to go to the introduction parties though, so basically, we only missed out the worst bits.

What are my plans for this semester? I’m glad you asked! I have a trip to Copenhagen lined up for the end of February. I’ve only been to it passing through so it will be nice to have a few days (and nights) to get a feel for the city. I also have a trip to Belgium for a week lined up which I’m well excited for. Going to be great. Depending on how my exams look I should hopefully get to visit some places in June.

Literally as I was writing this I got distracted as I found a £4 flight to Stockholm. Crazy what kind of plane can do that. Actually, I kind of want to pay a little more.

That’s about all I have. Next time: some Aarhus exploring!

TL;DR – Denmark

I visited the British Museum passing through London. This guy was just contemplating life while holding a tiny mop and I felt that spoke to me
This didn’t speak to me so much but it had a great information card about how this turtle went on a tour of Asia or something and I was gonna caption it like ‘can’t wait for the new album’ but you can’t read the card in the photo so that failed
This guy was hanging out in the Aarhus Ancient Art History Museum
Aarhus History of Art
This kid has had it with the duck
I know what the duck did
The snow was prettier before but I didn’t get any photos so this’ll have to do


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