2016 come at me!

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So, Epiphany term has begun, which means I am officially  half way through my time at Trinity. I cannot comprehend where the time has gone. It is true that time flies, cliché, but true. There was so much I wanted to do that I have not yet done, so I now pledge to explore a massive amount more in the upcoming months.

With deadlines of summer internships looming, we’re all forced to think about where we want to be 10 years down the line, a frightening thought, but probably one of, if not, THE most important one. I guess university changes your outlook on where you want to go in your career and even more so in life. Two years ago, I had no clue what I wanted to do, but I knew what I did not want to do. Now, I’m in a position where I’m researching my options technically, and my interests lie in a niche area of research. Trinity has an awesome neuroscience department and speaking to some of the expert staff there has  focussed my initiative massively and I must say, they have been amazing in helping with tidying my thoughts up. With 2016 just beginning, it’s the perfect time to set your goals (and stick to them!). Arguably, this is the most rapid part of our lives, with constant deadlines and applications to do, and is a road towards self-discovery that ultimately helps us recognise what we would work best as.

Enough of the serious talk. Applications have just about gotten done!

Back in September when I was eagerly sat at home waiting to move to Dublin, I found the Tea Garden, something I put down on my list of places I wanted to go. It turns out it’s just by the Liffey, a short ten minute walk from college and therefore the perfect location for a chilled break. In saying that, the choices of tea they have is overwhelming!! From Japanese oolong tea, to Indian spiced chai,  so there is definitely something for everybody.. even if you’re not a tea lover  like me! Even better is the atmosphere, their many rooms each filled with a different ambience makes it… Also, they have a big variety of board games and playing cards, so you cannot get bored even if you try. My friends and I chose the  Morroccan room for a casual catchup- no chairs, just floor cushions and those wooden tables that are raised a few inches off the ground– keeping it down to Earth!


Sippin’ on some tea

And happy new year to all y’all! Make it a good one 🙂



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