Christmas is a-coming!

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As the festive season approaches , the air is turning crisp and the winds are getting stronger. The passing of two windstorms in the space of two weeks has lead to serious warnings issued to remain indoors, oh and a bridge collapsed somewhere on the outskirts- Irish weather at its finest. On the other hand, Dublin in December is AH-MAZING!

I didn’t think that the busy city centre could be any more lit up, post-dusk, since the bridges along the Liffey are illuminated each night, but turns out I was wrong. The centre is filled with even more lights, countless Christmas trees, and the buskers have transformed into carol singers.  Trinity had its very own Xmas light switch-on, which I missed, since I was busy being a good student and attending lectures!



The big Trinity Xmas tree

The Xmas markets were one of many attractions- they had freshly made red velvet waffles, yes you read right!! I mean, can, you think of anything better than a hot waffle on a cold winters night? Close to this was the golden carousel; temptations were high but we thought it would be best not to have a teenagers-leaving-their-teens takeover, and were kind enough to let the kids enjoy its magic #deedoftheday. Also, you can’t have an Irish market without some traditional Irish music (apologies for the wobbly camera).


Dublin Xmas Markets


Giant snow globe of Ha’penny Bridge

As a maths student, I fortunately (or unfortunately, since all of my exams are in May) have no exams or assignments to stress over this season, whilst everybody around me is grafting in attempt to meet deadlines. This final week has been a week of fighting off boredom, and the newness of Dublin has practically worn off at this stage. There will always be those highs when you’re a social butterfly in the university scene, usually followed by a low when there is absolutely nothing to do, or you just want some lazy ‘me’ time, curled up in bed with hot chocolate and Netflix- my current state.

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays 🙂

Slán go fóill! (goodbye for now)






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