My Love Story with a Quokka

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Time for a less serious post, hope you enjoy!

I ventured out for a day trip and took a 25 minute ferry to the island of Rottnest, in search of a famous quokka selfie. What happened next is going to be the next Hollywood blockbuster rom-com. Well, maybe not.

I had to do a double-take. After a cycle round the whole island, I finally got what I was looking for. I took my selfie (as you can see, very pleased with myself) and was going to move on.


But then our eyes met, and it was love at first sight. Before now, I never thought it existed.


Until I realized that she was more interested on the fly on my cheek, and so I got very hurt.


Seeing the sadness on my face, she started talking to me, whispering in my ear, explaining it was only a temporary distraction and that she was sorry.


We spent ages just hanging about and playing around.


I started to tell a joke.


And she laughed, chermistry developed. Apparently quokka humour is the same as human humour. The relationship began to get serious.


So I went in for the kiss.


But got rejected. She pretended to be distracted again.


She hopped away. *queue craig david’s “I’m walking away” with hopped replacing walking*. I was sad.


In a sudden turn of events, she came crawling (hopping) back. Clearly she felt she made a mistake.


She said she was sorry, and I believed her. But suddenly, unknown to me, I only saw it when I looked back at the pictures, evil eyes were drawn. She hatched a plan.


I thought at first she was just playing, but she ended up trying to mess my hair on purpose. You just don’t do that, it wasn’t cool.


I tried to fix it, while she looked on content with her mischief.


I couldn’t fix it, and she just looked at it and kept laughing.


I had a word with her, and she hung her head in shame. Serves her right.

IMG_1315I forgave her. We took more happy selfies, and things progressed. So I went in for the kiss again. I wasn’t rejected this time.


She looked at the phone, checking like all girls whether she looked good in the pic.


She was happy, and I was happy. And we lived happily ever after.

The end.

If you would like to meet my gf, you can find these marsupials on Rottnest Island. They exist only in a tiny area of Western Australia, nowhere else in the world, and are a threatened species. Search #quokkaselfie on instagram to find a new way to procrastinate. I took 200 selfies on my phone (this was near the top of my bucket list, I had to get a quokka selfie!), and was bored so decided to put this together. Don’t judge…

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