Denmark #3: James Bond and Bar Work

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Since my last post I have started my new job, seen the latest Bond movie and generally struggled to write a 10-page essay in my native language.

On Friday night I started my job at the only place being English must be some kind of positive. “The Sherlock Holmes Pub” is in the centre of Aarhus and is a traditionally English pub. I say Friday night but it would be more accurate to say Saturday morning (if you’re one of those people anyway). I started at midnight and got an 8am bus home.

The language is a minor barrier. I had to get used to explaining that I don’t speak a word of Danish and so they will have to order their drinks in their own country in a colonial language of an imperial empire but obviously I didn’t mention the last part. Danish people are nice so it was fine except the guy who told me to go home.

On Saturday afternoon I went to see the latest James Bond movie in Aarhus, SPECTRE. It was shown in English with Danish subtitles. Obviously Bond does plenty of European intrigue in sexy continental locations and languages like French and Italian which is great but the subtitles are in Danish so key parts of the plot were lost to me trying to decipher the Danish subtitles with my limited knowledge. Unfortunately, he never said “Je m’appelle Bond” or “Jeg hedde Bond. James Bond” so I was pretty lost. But I liked the explosions. They have no language.

Finally, my courses here are a little different to Durham which makes them quite interesting. I’m in the middle of writing a paper on the Scandinavian and Danish welfare states and what makes them what they are. Much of what you hear about them is true, but not all – it’s so easy for UK politicians to say we want a Scandinavian system and everything will be ‘hygge’ but it’s not as simple as that. For example, Sweden actually has a fully private and profit making schools system. It’s not to say it’s good or bad, it’s just different and developed in different circumstances. I’m also writing a paper on Feminism within Economics that I would love to explain to you but I’m not entirely sure I can explain it to myself yet so you’ve dodged it this time. Maybe next month.



How to live in Denmark

Do Say: I’m glad I brushed up on my continental languages before seeing the latest Bond movie

Don’t Say: Sorry I don’t speak Danish. What can I get you?


Seen on Friday night:

  1. The guy who had his marriage proposal rejected on Friday night was in good form.
  2. I had a beer served in a litre glass on Saturday night. How European.
  3. Accidentally asking for money in pounds inevitably causes confusion.
  4. So does trying to explain in Danish that you don’t speak Danish.




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