‘Every footstep is a new adventure’

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University has well and truly begun, and that means the work is also well and truly piling up! I feel like a fresher all over again, attempting to figure out where all my lecture rooms are. My first day had me miss the first half of a lecture as I circled round and round the hallways- and walked past the room I should have been sat in countless times! One word of advice… just ask someone! That goes for pretty much anything  in life, if you don’t know, be willing to ask around. #lifeadvice

There are some absolutely beautiful sights to witness in Dublin, contrary to popular belief. I recently went on a hike up the Glendalough mountains in Wicklow, they say pictures speak a thousand words, so I’ll leave you with these for your satisfaction.Snapchat-8001595510599256434

Valley in Glendalough

The valley in Glendalough (Snapchat filter applied ofc)


Climbing to the top


A rare picture of me on a mountain


Made it to the top- pictures do not do this place justice!

Whilst exploring the city and inevitably getting lost (yes, again),  it was obvious that the whole graffiti scene is very appreciated here. You see art pieces scattered all around the walls of Dublin, the kind that gives the city its own edge. Particularly prevalent in Temple Bar, which has a reputation of being packed with tourists by day, and somewhat rough by night, though this is just a myth.


Graffiti artist at work, “Emancipate Yourself” in the back


Saw this on Halloween, though it has been there for years. Ironic? I think not…


A hotel in Temple Bar


Temple Bar being all electric


A fun fact for you now (drumroll please)… Maser, an internationally renown Irish street artist, made his comeback at the Bram Stoker Festival, which is an annual event that takes place in Dublin, celebrating the gothic, and slightly eerie side of theatre and art (just before Halloween!). Maser constructed an interactive  piece- hella funky, vivid colours, and HUGE! So huge you could go inside and stroll through this exhibit, filled with strobe lights. Though, it was a temporary piece and got taken down three days later, I can say I have literally walked through Maser’s art!


Maser’s art piece from outside


Flashing lights inside the exhibit

So far, I have realised that every time I leave my room,  a whole new adventure awaits, hence the title of this blog. It’s amazing how being positive about what is to happen can bring about its own stories that can have real significance for yourself. It could be something as small as seeing a new sight on your daily bus journey, or something major, like achieving that internship you wanted so much or travelling to a special place. Either way, every action, every decision, every thought, of any magnitude, beholds something amazing.

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