The countdown begins!

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So the wait begins, just two weeks remain until I arrive in the city of Dublin!

My future campus; Trinity College

I can’t say it’s hit me yet, moving to anywhere other than where I’ve been for the last two years. But that’s the best part of it! My excitement levels will probably be through the roof whilst on my way to the airport, it’ll be like the first time I went to Durham – head out of the window, eyes doing their own personal tour of the streets, trying to embrace my new home (except this time I’ll be on a plane!). Living overseas for the next nine months in possibly one of the most beautiful universities in the world, is something I am incapable of fathoming until I see it for myself.

Luckily, I’ve been given a place in Trinity Halls (the Trinity College equivalent of Palmers’ Garth for us Hatfielders’) so my accommodation hunt was non-existent- a huge relief considering how high prices are in the Dublin property market, but then again it is the capital so I don’t expect anything less! I always have loved the hustle and bustle you get in cities, the chaos and the busyness. Coming from the small town that I do and moving to Durham for university is certainly not the kind of place I expected I would end up. Don’t get me wrong, I love Durham. It’s pretty hard not to after residing there for two years- it will always hold a special place within me.

My most recent form of entertainment has been Googling images of the stunning city, driving my obsession with amazing views and breathtaking sceneries! And I’ve got to say it is definitely a worthwhile task; very justified when I look at my list of things to do and places to visit in Dublin- a must when visiting anywhere new! Ideally, I’d complete all of the following on my first day…

  • Go for a walk along the Great South Wall, one of the longest sea walls in Europe, ending at the Poolbeg lighthouse
  • Explore Temple Bar, bordered by the River Liffey on one side, and also known to be the cultural quarter of Dublin
  • Complete the Croke Park Stadium Rooftop Tour to see panoramic views of the skyline and coastline
  • Venture into Howth Head
  • Sip some tea at the Tea Garden, described as ‘a tranquil, candlelit tea house offering intimate, individually-styled spaces with tatami tables’
  • Delve into the history of Ireland, with Dublin Castle and St Patrick’s Cathedral
  • And of course, make my way into the Trinity College campus (an attraction in it itself)

    Google says no.

…but that would be humanely impossible. So these are just some of the necessary spots I pledge to see during my time in Ireland!

Oh, and I might even learn a bit of Irish on my travels. Who knows.

So tickets booked. Accommodation secured. Now on to actually reaching there without losing my passport, misplacing my phone, or forgetting my toothbrush!

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