If waiting to go to Spain, go to Spain

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¡Hola amigos y amigas!

welcome to my blogosphere. I hope you enjoy my ramblings about foreign life. (N.B. this is not a UFO blog)

This first post is a bit of a confusing one – although I am in Spain I haven’t actually started my year abroad yet… While I was waiting for something interesting to happen in Norfolk, a job in Ibiza involving au pair/housekeeping work for an English family suddenly opened up again. Turns out the person who got there before me had to urgently fly back to England, so they asked if I could come ASAP! So After a speedy post-festival turnaround, here I am…

Fortunately their home has wifi, so I can begin my blogs and let you all know what I do and don’t know about my year abroad so far…

Things I know about placement 1:

  • I will be going to Navarre, near La Rioja in the north of Spain.
  • I will have some training in Madrid at the beginning of October.
  • I will start work on the 5th of October.
  • I will be teaching English with The British Council.
  • I will be bringing plentiful amounts of the queens’ brew with me.

Things I am yet to know about placement 1:

  • Whether I will be teaching my first preference age group (adults)
  • The name of the school/schools I will be going to
  • The name of the town/city/village I’m going to
  • Where I’m going to live..
  • Who I’m going to be living with
  • How much my rent and deposit will be
  • How much tea I really need to last me up until Christmas…

Placement 2 will be in France with The Bless Network, a Christian charity with whom I shall be going to Normandy for some training, followed by (hopefully) a stage in Paris. I don’t think I should write a list of known/unknown key information yet as I have just seen how alarmingly long my second one is for Spain…

Anyhow, all my doubts from list no. 2 should FINALLY all be answered by the 17th of August. Until then, enjoy these photos of me boasting about the weather to friends and family.

El que algo quiere, Algo le cuesta.




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