Final Exams and Start of the Road Trip

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I have finished!

The last few months of my exchange were pretty hectic.The fourth year courses that I was taking were less prescriptive than the third year courses for which I was examined at the end of the last term. I found myself having to work very hard to keep atop of them. In the lead up to the final exams, I was spending twelve hours a day in the library. The exams themselves were spread sympathetically. I had at least two days between each exam and I am sure that this contributed to being awarded a mark of 80% back in Durham for my year abroad. Not that I noticed. My travel plans began abruptly after my final exam.
24 hours after my final exam, I was Boarding a plane for Vancouver with two friends, Tom and Joe.boys-Tom and Joe

We landed in Vancouver later that day. We journeyed two miles to rent a car, and then set off for the house of one of Tom’s family friends, who lived just outside of Vancouver. After spending a comfortable night with Tom’s friends, who were kind enough to lend us all manner of camping equipment, we departed for our road trip. We did not stop in Vancouver and headed immediately north, through Squamish to Whistler, a seasonal Skiing town. Due to the timing of our arrival, we rented some mountain bikes and explored the trails around the town. We saw clear blue lakes surrounded by endless green mountains. The air was clear and the sun was bright. It was a picture-perfect day in Canada.perfect


-beautiful British Columbia

After Whistler, we headed back to Vancouver and took the northward coastal route. This major road is broken by huge inlets, which are passable by car ferries. Crossing these huge inlets to meet the road the other side was one of the most beautiful sights of the trip.


-ferry crossing

We then crossed, via another ferry to Vancouver Island, and again took the eastern costal route down Vancouver island, camping all along the route in provincial parks. These parks are wonderful facilities. They are all scrupulously clean and very remote. Often we would be the only campers in the park. One park seemed to not even have a park ranger, and as a result we stayed for free as there was no one to pay. As we made our way down the coast, we visited the tourist enclave of Whistler. We tried to rent sea Kayaks, but were denied due local laws hat required us to have taken training courses. Instead we had a nice meal, and wandered about the town/resort. We then made our way back to Vancouver to catch a flight to America.
Arriving in San Francisco, we had three days to explore the town. We flew round the parks, eclectic districts and coastline of San Francisco. We climbed twin peaks and rode the idyllic tram system.

Twin Peaks

-Twin Peaks

San Francisco had the nicest atmosphere that I have ever experienced in a city. We then took an overnight bus to LA and walked Hollywood boulevard and the sunset strip.After all that excitement, it was a rather sober trip back to Hamilton, where I await the arrival of my girlfriend from England, before I start my second road trip.

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