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Despite not spending my year abroad in Paris I have managed to visit 3 times already.

As many of you will know, Paris is an extremely popular destination for a year abroad. I know many people there who have had a huge variety of experiences both good and bad, but each one of them has told me they have had the most incredible stay there.


Yes it is true that accommodation prices are ridiculous, for example there are many students being paid less than their monthly wage, and it is a big and busy city. But you cannot get past the bustling atmosphere and beautiful architecture everywhere you go. I was extremely lucky to visit friends there, but I am glad to live in the calm city of Pau.

So I thought I’d share a few nice memories of the beautiful city that I love so much. I thought I’d share a couple of things that aren’t so well known about Paris.

When the beach comes to the city: Paris Plage


Each year in August an artificial beach appears on the banks of the Seine. You can sunbathe (weather-providing), make sandcastles or play boules!

Galerie Lafayette at Christmas:


France isn’t necessarily as well decorated at Christmas as the UK or America for example, however one of the best showcases for decoration is without doubt the Galerie Lafayette. (They also have a Topshop there, which I have missed dearly during this year…)

Les Passages Couverts:

DSCF4998 1

A secret maze of alleyways lies between Opéra and the Louvre, shown to me on an exchange a few years ago. I loved visiting here again browsing the hundreds of unusual boutiques and cafés, including a dolls-house shop, various chocolatiers and a labyrinth of antiques and vintage clothes stores.

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