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The Christmas break is two weeks long. Travel to England takes a full day, and effectively more when jet lag is considered. Despite a tight flight schedule, I was left with one week five days in the UK. It was lovely to be back. My parents have obtained a larger house since in my absence and the extra space makes for an even nicer visit.

The grading of exams and coursework in Canada is more prompt than I have been used to in England, and the final grade for the course was characteristically expedient. I had my first grade just three days after taking my last exam. The exam period finished on the 19th of December and I had my full list of grades for the year within six days, with the last arriving at 2am on Christmas morning. Somehow I managed to get a set of four A+. I’m going to buy Mikey a beer when I get back for his help.

Christmas with my family was great. I think they are all enjoying the extra space, and they seem to have decided to scale up the number of Christmas presents along with the size of the house. This was the sight at 8:00am on Christmas morning.


-mount present

Even the dog had presents. Although I don’t know if he considered them presents. He was forced to wear a red Christmas jumper all day. I hope that his other present of ‘scruffy bites’ was enough to make up for it.


-my family’s dog with my sister.

It was a lovely morning of opening presents after which we headed to my grandmas house for our annual family meal. Every year I forget someones name. This year it was my aunt Dawn. I actually forgot her face, not her name. I think that is worse.

Christmas really took its toll on me. I did get a little carried away with the merriment. In my four months in Canada, I drank on only two occasions and was a vegetarian for the duration. Five plates of turkey and a large glass of wine with my family was just too much. My body shut down for the whole of boxing day and I only erected myself at 5.00 pm for the sake of my girlfriend, who was on her way back to my house after spending Christmas with her parents.

The week succeeding Christmas was spent seeing family and friends, and spending time at home. Everyone was sick except for me. The sickness enveloped my girlfriend, parents, sisters and girlfriend’s parents. I spent a lot of time making tea and filling hot water bottles. Once their sickness was over it was time for me to return to Canada. I am getting very efficient at moving countries. I fully packed in one hour.

IMAG0702-all packed up and ready to go

I am writing this at 3.00 am from my bedroom in England.  My flight is in eight hours. This term is slightly longer than the last. I am looking forward to studying a third year relativity course along with fourth year quantum mechanics, solid state and nuclear physics courses. I will also take the continuation of the lab and communications courses that I began last term.

I’ll be in a lecture in a day and a half. Upon arrival in Canada I will take the same bus back to my house as the one that took me to the airport. I’ll get back to my house in Hamilton and back on the grind. It’s going to be freezing. Wish me luck! I’ll keep this blog updated with my progress.

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