10 Things I’ve learned whilst living in Zafra, Spain

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  1. The sentence “I’ll meet you by the bull ring” is both common and acceptable.
  2. If you decide to leave the house at siesta time you’ll develop a new affinity for Will Smith in ‘I am Legend’. There are no people, anywhere. It’s creepy.
  3. Each week your food shop will cost the grand total of eight euros and seventy cents. Each week you will feel surprise and smug satisfaction.
  4. It’s crushingly disappointing when your day of errands is put on hold because it’s a national holiday and EVERYTHING is shut. No food in the fridge? You’ve got 99 problems and hunger is most definitely one.
  5. Going for a run in the countryside comes with multiple trip hazards including freely roaming chickens and rogue cattle.
  6. You must repeat your name slowly and phonetically when meeting new Spanish people. You must then allow them to refer to you as “chica” because they simply cannot pronounce it.
  7. You will soon realise that whole town knows each other and everyone is related to everyone (mainly due to large families in which no one leaves Zafra, not so much due to incest).
  8. Skype is a wonderful thing.
  9. Speaking English attracts persistent staring. Do I have three heads? Is there toothpaste on my chin? Nope, you’re just foreign.
  10. Speaking English equals private lessons and extra cash. You’ll pay me to chat in my native language? Don’t mind if I do…



2 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve learned whilst living in Zafra, Spain

  1. Hi
    I’m in Zafra now and wonder if you could give me information about any English speaking groups or Spanish classes here. Thanks

    • Hi! You can try the Universidad Popular de Zafra, which isn’t actually a university but a sort of cultural centre with evening classes which is on Calle Huelva. As for English speaking groups, there is usually a group of Language Assistants who are American/English and working in schools in Zafra, every year there are at least 8 or so young English speakers. If you go into one of the local schools and ask to speak to their English Language assistant I’m sure they could introduce you to everyone? I hope this helps!

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