La Primera Semana

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I am now the proud owner of a Spanish phone contract, bank account, identity number and my apartment has fully-functioning wifi (hurrah!). I’ve located all the best clothes shops, found a large selection of different food-sellers, tried the local ice-cream and I know my way around Zafra (just about). This week has been busy to say the least.


I love living so close to the town centre and it’s great fun to wander around. I am discovering new things all the time; on a walk yesterday I found a fantastic indoor market selling fresh fish, meat and fruit and veg. It seems to be where all the locals do their food shopping and so I plan to do the same. Amazingly, just opposite the market I found a flamenco dance school. There was a class going on at the time so I had a little peak and took note of the class times for future reference. I definitely want to get involved with either flamenco or salsa dancing whilst I’m here!  1befunky_artwork.jpg

In the old part of town there’s the Plaza Grande. As the name suggests its the biggest square, full of palm trees and lined with restaurants and hotels. There are also adjoining squares and numerous lanes full of white-walled houses and the occasional bar or museum.2befunky_artwork.jpg

I feel happy about spending nine months here; it will be even better when I start to meet more people and begin working at the school. Now, after getting through the initial stress that comes with moving abroad, I think it’s time to sit back and enjoy Spain!


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