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De Madrid al Cielo


Image Madrid’s terraza culture

Spring has sprung and that means 25 degrees and clear blue skies, i.e. every day is like that one week a year (if we’re lucky) in England which resembles that annoying Bulmer’s advert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjXHHIgKigs. It also means you can instantly tell the foreigners from the locals; the former opting for as little clothing as socially acceptable, the latter still refusing to hang up their winter jackets. There’s some vibe when it starts to get hot in Spain that I just can’t get enough of, but unfortunately any word I use to explain it ends up sounding rather pretentious. I was trying to describe the feeling to an English friend the other day, with little success. I offered “intoxicating.” She told me to “shut up”. In any case, now that the weather is improving, Madrid’s terraza culture is coming into play. In the late afternoon sun…

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