Reflections on my First Semester

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A Year Down Under

Dolphin at Monkey MIa


I have just looked back over my blog and laughed at what an Eager Beaver I was during my first few weeks! It seems that during the ensuing weeks, my new life took over and my enthusiasm for writing subsided. Nevertheless, I suppose that this blog will be most useful to students who are at that point – excited as they consider embarking on their own year abroad!

And what a year you have in store, I’m in shock that I am already half way through my year of adventures and jealous that you are about to embark upon yours. So now, full up on mince pies during Christmas back in the UK, time for a little reflection and advice.

In the weeks prior to your exchange prepare for panic. Let me set you at ease, by sharing my thoughts March through to June, so that you realise you’re…

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