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Adventures in the Land of Fire and Ice

Last week marked the beginning of the end of my stay here in Iceland. This was celebrated in one of my courses by a feast of typically Icelandic food, which included the likes of pickled sheep’s head, cubed whale blubber, fermented shark (Hákarl), sheep’s testicles, and an accompanying drink of whey. I have to say that whilst Icelandic cuisine is still not my favourite despite these culinary delights that are on offer, sheep’s testicles are surprisingly good and were definitely the highlight of the meal!

The end of lectures unfortunately also meant the start of exams and I’ve now had my first speaking exam in English. Held in an office with cups of tea (obviously this professor couldn’t be anything other than English!), this felt like less of an exam and more of a general chat about Iceland, so I think (and hope!) I passed.

To celebrate the end of…

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