Iceland Airwaves ’13

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Adventures in the Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland Airwaves is unlike any music festival I have ever been to.

Not knowing many of the bands, since unfortunately I’m clearly in no way a hipster, was an unusual start. However, not having to trudge through an already muddy field on my first day to then hole up in an already wet tent on the first night was a significant bonus. Not having to stand listening in the rain and cold, since all of the venues are inside, was another. Not having to have wet-wipe showers and eat ridiculously overpriced burgers all weekend was another… You get the picture.

The festival takes place around Reykjavik, in cafes, bars, churches, record stores, bookshops, art galleries, clothes shops, and really any building with a space large enough to squeeze a band into. You don’t actually need a ticket, since most of the bands play an off-venue show, as well as their…

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